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Polystyrene Code Walling Spacer

Precast Wall Spacers
We have specifically base designed our space to hold mesh 8mm away from Eps core to ensure proper binding of mesh and Fibrecote which ensures compliance to suppliers specification.
Top height cap used when applying plaster or   second coat, this prevents under spray  that may result in a non compliant fire rating or over spray resulting in wasting of
Fibrecote, plaster, time and money. Available in two heights 20mm and 25mm for inside and outside walling.
Product Code
8mm Base
Orange top cap
Yellow top cap
Using Konsa walling spacer will ensure:
* Fibrecote will bond with mesh and not lie on top of mesh.
* That minimum thickness of Fibrecote and plaster is applied to reach correct fire rating specification.
* Time saving due to special design enabling easy application.
* Waste of overspray is avoided.
* Prevention of legal implications as fire rating achieved, thus cost effective all round.
* Easy to use. Stays in place.
Easy installation saves on time and costs relating to staff wages/salary and excessive material usage.
Flat top design for multi level use and  therefore can be used to level vertically and horizontally.
Health and safety:

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